Untitled photo

I became interested in photography because it was challenging and it intrigued me. It was an opportunity to learn an art form that not only captures images, but memories too. And since I have a young daughter I wanted to learn how to properly record her as she grows up. The photographs in this collection show my interest in the way long exposures capture motion.

The art of photography has helped me discover what fun it can be and the beauty of looking at something I created. It also has made me realize that I can look at something from different viewpoints and angles and alter my own perspective. When you view my collection, I hope you enjoy it and see what I see in it, which is both beauty and excitement.

The thing I like most about photography is how fun and rewarding it can be. The fun of it for me is in capturing the beauty in a moment or an object that may just last a split second. The reward is having not only having the memory, which can fade with age, but capturing it in a photograph for the ages. I also want you to know that although my collection here is limited, I took a course in photography years ago in high school and found it very rewarding at that time also.

This experience has changed me in that it gave me an opportunity to do something that is both interesting and rewarding. It has also inspired me to pass on what I have learned to others who are interested in photography. I can teach my daughter this art form, and it is something we can do together as she grows up.