Untitled photo

Because of my recent interest in photography I am able to see life in different shades. I learned that when I adjust the amount of light that enters the camera it can alter the outlook of a photo. In other words, an otherwise dull landscape can come to life by simply changing the camera angle or exposure settings.

In my collection of photographs I tried to look at life in unique ways. For example, rather than taking a picture of a rose bush, I zoomed in on a single rose lying on the ground and another with graffiti in the background. I believe that these photos can express a much broader story. I also really enjoyed photographing action, such as the skateboarders near Love Park and the artistic bodywork at the tattoo convention.

The thing I like most about photography is people’s reaction when they view a photo they really like or when they see themselves in a photo. The smile they offer is worth a thousand words!

As you go through my collection, I hope you can get a sense of the different things in life that I love, including people, buildings and the city in its raw form.

The photography class has helped change my attitude and outlook. It has made me more positive about my life and has given me more confidence.