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This program has been very meaningful to me. It has made me become more aware of my surroundings.

Now when I travel around the city, and especially with the group, I am more aware of colors, shapes, and styles of buildings.

The design and shapes of the city architecture have brought out a new appreciation for the city landscape.

I have really enjoyed the trips and tours of the city and some of the events that we have been fortunate to visit and learn about.

I signed up because I was curious after people came every week. Before taking the class I didn’t know anything about photography.

Learning about photography and going to visit different parts of the city has kept me coming back.

I am more observant than I used to be—even when I don’t have a camera with me, which is most of the time.

One of my favorite outings was our trip to the Camden Aquarium, when we got to see up close two hippos, the big hammerhead, the octopus, and stingrays.

Another favorite was the tattoo convention. I almost walked myself to death sightseeing and trying to get a glimpse of all the artists.

I enjoyed watching them, but I cannot understand how the people getting a tattoo can stand the pain and suffering that they must be going through when they get one. I also enjoyed going to the Reading Terminal and seeing and photographing all of the different types of food.

The colors of the fruits and vegetables were very interesting to photograph. It also made me very hungry so the ladies bought me some ice-cream.

All in all, I enjoyed every outing with the group.

It was wonderful to see the large prints of my photos. Some were just as I hoped they would be and some were a little flat. That gave me something to work on.

So I have been coming every week and I hope that the class continues. I would miss it if were to be canceled, and I would try to find another photography class somewhere else.

I really like Linda and want to thank her for working with us. She is so nice and gentle. She has taught me everything I know about photography.